Libraries to Top All Libraries

I was browsing the web the other day, as I often do when I’m bored, and I came across this article from FlavorPill titled, “Celebs, They’re Geeks Like Us: Libraries of the Rich and Famous.” At first I was skeptical, after all how much can famous people read, right?

But the first picture of Karl Lagerfeld’s library simply blew me away! He has one of the most amazing collections of books I’ve ever seen, featuring a stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelf! It is extraordinary, breathtaking, and absolutely mad!

Take a look Karl Lagerfeld’s library:

Here’s Rod Stewart’s quaint collection:

Michael Jackson’s library:

Diane Keaton has a gorgeous room of books:

I like Woody Allen’s too, it looks comfy:

And take a look at Oprah’s library! It looks more like what I’d expect from Martha if you ask me:

To see the rest of the celebrity libraries, check out the article here. Enjoy!

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7 comments on “Libraries to Top All Libraries

  1. Natalie on said:

    I’ve never actually thought to look up the libraries of celebrities, but now that I’ve seen a few, I think I might look for more. Hmmm….I wonder what my personal library would look like if I had a bit more of a budget to use for it….lol. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Kayla Olson on said:

    Ooh, I totally agree with Natalie! Great idea, and super fun pictures!

  3. Peneloe on said:

    Wow. Karl Lagerfeld’s library is impressive, to say the least. I never thought about celebrities having libraries, but it makes sense. Now I’m curious to see others!

  4. alejabennett on said:

    Wow what a grand library. It looks like peace and serenity. No stress just books books and more books

  5. Nooks & Cranberries on said:

    How fun to see all those “dream” libraries! One of the first tips I learned from writing classes is that the contents of a bookshelf can speak vividly about a character. Taking that one step farther, the same can be applied to the design and decor around the books. Nice work.

  6. Genna Sarnak on said:

    Thanks everyone for all of your comments! One day I will post pictures of all my bookshelves (and the bazillion books scattered around my room) to show you how my library compares! It’s not even close!

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