Writing Wednesday: Go Wild Fiction Prompt

Dive into writing today with the below prompt. Try and write for at least 15 minutes and remember, this is just for fun! Don’t over think it. Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and let loose!

This week’s fiction prompt comes from Poets & Writers August 25th newsletter, “The Time Is Now.”

This week’s fiction prompt comes from William Giraldi, author of the novel Busy Monsters, published by W. W. Norton in August.

Your assignment is to go wild. Let the sacred and profane language spill from you without censor. Find the wildest part of your personality and give it full vent for five pages. Forget about obedience of language, of character, of form. Forget about what is proper. Write the feral sentences you’ve been afraid to say in public. Have no shame for a spell. Free yourself from the confines of a well-behaved syntax, of expected word choice. Here’s my hell-bent, uninhibited narrator from Busy Monsters, Charlie Homar, after making a rather asinine decision involving a firearm: “My mission shat upon by the Miocene logic and cruel outcomes afflicting all those with pluck but no punctilio, with hearts that run on gasoline: okay, I overreacted, I admit it.” Never rely on the available jargon. For five nonstop pages, surprise yourself with the ecstatic language you know is in you.

For more fiction and poetry prompts, visit Poets & Writers springboard page. 

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