Authors I’ve Met

One of my favorite things in the world is going to book readings and author events of my favorite literati. This is a running list of the people I’ve meet (and captured on film), so hopefully it will continue to grow!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and talk to:

Chris Cleave (author of Little Bee) at Borders, January 2011

Billy Collins (former Poet Laureate) at Barnes and Noble, February 2011

Bianca Turetsky (far left, author of The Time-Traveling Fashionista) at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon, May 2011 

Allie Condie at BEA, May 2011 (photo credit to Mark Tuchman, creative director of Library Journals)

Charlaine Harris at Bryant Park, May 2011

Melissa Marr at Bryant Park, May 2011

Michelle Hodkin (author of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) at BBC, May 2011

Karsten Knight (author of Wildefire) at Books of Wonder, July 2011

Lev Grossman (author of The Magicians) at Word, August 2011

Gabrielle Zevin (author of All These Things I’ve Done) at Word, September 2011 (also with Rachael from The Book Muncher, far left)

 Brian Selznick (author of Wonderstruck) at Books of Wonder, September 2011

Libba Bray (author of Beauty Queens) at Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2011

Caragh O’Brien (author of Birthmarked) at Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2011

Jewell Parker Rhodes (author of Ninth Ward) at Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2011

Gayle Forman (author of If I Stay and Where She Went) at Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2011

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